Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MSC assessment of BC sockeye salmon enters the adjudication process

One of the objections to the MSC assessment of the sustainability of the BC sockeye salmon fishery has been withdrawn but the second has been allowed to proceed to adjudication.  This is a process under the control of lawyers hired by MSC, although scientific experts may be called by the adjudicator.  See for more information.

The letter from the lawyer to the objector, the Watershed Watch Salmon Society, can be read here:

The oral hearing will be sometime in late May or early June but it is unclear whether this is a public hearing or in camera.  What is clear is that the lawyer alone decides whether the objection is sustained or dismissed.  Note that objections are usually based on scientific aspects of the determination of sustainabililty.  No objection has been sustained thus far under the MSC process.  Therefore the outcome from this hearing will have wide public interest and should be covered by a simultaneous public webcast, so that we, the resource owners, can see and hear that justice has been done with regard to safeguarding our property.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eco-certification of BC sockeye fisheries

British Columbia fisheries conservation organizations oppose Marine Stewardship Council certification of BC sockeye fisheries.

A number of organizations are objecting strongly to the announcement today of eco-certification of BC’s sockeye fisheries.

See list of spokespeople here: