Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moody Marine International takes over TAVEL

Moody Marine now dominates the globe as the main accredited certifier for MSC.

Remember this is a private company whose objective is to maximise the profit it makes out of each and every certification.  One strategy to cut costs and maximise profits is to swallow the competition.  Moody Marine now dominates the MSC certification market and has much more power to determine the price and quality of the product they sell. Before the choice used to be Moody Marine or Tavel.  Now it is Moody Marine or Moody Marine!

From fishnewseu.com

MOODY International has recently announced its acquisition of TAVEL Certification Inc. a Canadian based certification company.

TAVEL based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is accredited by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to conduct Sustainable Fishery Certifications and Chain of Custody Certifications. Moody International’s subsidiary, Moody Marine, is already one of the main MSC certifiers.

Details of the transaction are not being disclosed.

Dr Andy Hough, Managing Director of Moody Marine said: “By acquiring TAVEL, Moody Marine is pleased to expand further its global certification capacity. MSC fishery assessments are a long and complex process, and fishery clients and stakeholders must be assured of the stability of their certification body. By supporting ongoing TAVEL assessments at this time and by securing TAVEL’s resources, Moody Marine can ensure that all existing and future projects are completed efficiently and thoroughly.”

Steve Devitt, President of TAVEL Certification commented: “This sale provides TAVEL with access to additional professional and administrative support. We see this acquisition as a win-win for both TAVEL and Moody Marine, but most importantly for existing clients.”

Steve Devitt will remain in a consultative capacity in the medium term, and all TAVEL staff will continue with the company.

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